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Network Time Services

ASNET-AM Network Time Services provide accurate and reliable time services for use by networked devices (desktops,servers, etc). It is recommended that all networked devices be configured to automatically and periodically synchronize their clocks to an appropriate time server. Accurate time information helps in detection and resolution of network services related problems.

NTP (RFC1305) and SNTP (RFC2030) are supported to synchronize time across a network. Time services are currently accessible from outside locations, though this is subject to change with little advanced notice.

Time services are accessible via the DNS names: and

ASNET-AM time servers are stratum-2 servers synchronized against a local stratum-1 clock and several authoritative outside servers. It is recommended that all ASNET-AM networked devices synchronize against the local time servers and not use outside sources to avoid possible incorrect time information.


Service contact person: Eugene Prokhorenko


Tel. (010) 526742-2, 178.