Academic Scientific Research Computer Network of Armenia
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Physical connectivity

ASNET-AM currently uses the following communication technologies for physical connectivity:

  • Fiber-optic connection
    • Connection speed:  1-10 Gbps
    • Distance: 5-40 km
    • Usage: backbone connections

  • Copper Ethernet connection
    • Connection speed: 100-1000Mbps
    • Distance: up to 100 m
    • Usage: inside buildings

  • Virtual channel
    • Connection speed: 20-100Mbps
    • Distance: unlimited
    • Usage: in case of impossibility to have own connection.
      Wired connectivity is being leased from the 3rd-party telecom provider.

  • Wireless Radio connection
    • Connection speed: 200Mbps
    • Distance: up to 40km
    • Usage: in case of impossibility to have wired connection (either ASNET-AM own or leased).

  • WiFi connection
    • Connection speed: up to 300Mbps
    • Distance: up to 100m
    • Usage: as a local area wireless communication means inside buildings, conference halls, etc. ASNET-AM supports Eduroam service in Armenia
      (see Eduroam Coverage in Armenia for details)


Service contact person: Eugene Prokhorenko


Tel. (010) 526742-2, 178.