Academic Scientific Research Computer Network of Armenia
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Upgrade of Armenia academic (research) network to IPv6 readiness

Supported by Internet Society's (ISOC) Community Grants Programme & Internet Society Armenia Chapter (2011-2012)



ASNET-AM has started IPv6 deployment in the mid 2011. And few months of tests showed that current network equipment is not capable of running stable dual-stack environment as well as current server’s equipment is not capable of running stable dual-stack network services. In addition a number of application packages (such as Apache, Squid, etc), that provide network services needed to be updated to newer version to support IPv6. With the help of the "Upgrade of Armenia Academic (Research) Network to IPv6 Readiness" Project provided within the ISOC Community Grants Programme we have forced IPv6 deployment both on hardware and software levels. 

Upgrade of Network Routing Equipment and Dual Stack Routing Implementation

New ASNET-AM Core Router was configured to become IPv6-aware and to replace the old less-stable Linux-based core router. New ASNET-AM Border Router was configured to become IPv6-aware to replace the old less-stable Linux-based border router. After series of tests, both routers started running in production mode. IPv6 addressing plan was created. IPv6 QoS was established, Speed tests were done. Migration of ASNET-AM core and border routers to this new hardware gave:

  • Stable dual stack implementation.
  • IPv6 backbone with fail-over.
  • Implementation of IPv6 BGP sessions (iBGP6 and eBGP6)
  • Visual map for assigned IPv6 subnets
  • Possibility to create different types of IPv4-IPv6 tunnels
  • IPv6 NetFlow implementation
  • IPv6 firewall
  • IPv6 diagnostics suit
  • Ease of firmware upgrades


As a result of work, done during the project period, we now have Web-hosting Service, Proxy Service, DNS Service all working in IPv4/IPv6 Dual stack mode.

Web-hosting Service Upgrade

About 60 WebSites Hosted at ASNET-AM are IPv6-Ready (Dual Stacked)


DNS Service Upgrade

ASNET-AM all DNS servers are are IPv6-Ready (Dual Stacked) as well as DNS zones include IPv6 (AAAA) records for appropriate resources.

Proxy Service Upgrade

For years ASNET-AM uses complex structure of hierarchical proxy servers to deliver proxy service to all clients. Proxy service created within the project works Dual Stacked and allows visiting both IPv6 and IPv4 web sites. Proxy configuration allows to prefer IPv6 record for the website in case of presence of IPv6 (AAAA) record for appropriate resource. So using our proxy service users are connected to IPv6 enabled websites first by IPv6 address and others, by IPv4.