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ASNET-AM is glad to announce the extention of service with mirror of Rocky Linux distribution (

Probably you know, that RedHat unexpectedly decided to reduce CentOS 8 support from 2029 to 2021 and changed CentOS distribution to CentOS Stream, which became "upstream" test like Fedora, instead of former "downstream" stable distribution. So CentOS is not interesting anymore for stable production use and among Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) free alternatives Rocky Linux is one of the best.

Rocky Linux is brought to us by Greg Kurtzer, one of the co-founders of CentOS, who announced that he would again start a project to achieve the original goals of CentOS
(read more at: &

ASNET-AM Mirror service also provides official country mirrors of other important open-source Linux distributions - Ubuntu, Debian, etc for Armenian IT Community.