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ASNET-AM is pleased to invite you to the Eduroam Service Training on 25.09.2017 & 26.09.2017 during CSIT 2017 International Conference.

The overall purpose of the training is to get Eduroam up and running in more locations throughout Armenia and to make sure that ASNET-AM feel confident and comfortable in providing and supporting the service to their community.

Connecting Armenian researchers and educators to eduroam is one of the key priorities for ASNET-AM. Eduroam (Educaton  Roaming) is the secure, world-wide roaming access service that allows students, researchers and staff to seamlessly access internet connectivity when within range of a hotspot, whether they're moving across campus or visiting other participating institutions. Eduroam is available in thousands of locatons across over 70 countries worldwide. ASNET-AM supports Eduroam service in Armenia.

To facilitate and speed up the eduroam uptake process, a knowledge transfer was arranged between GÉANT Project experts and ASNET-AM through Expert Scheme by Learning and Development team. In this instance, the expertise is provided by the GÉANT Project SA2: Trust and Identity, and Multi Domain Services and its CARNet/SRCE (Croatia) and AMRES (Serbia) contributors in particular.

Attendance is free after preliminary registration. To register, please, visit registration page

Training language: English

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