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We are pleased to announce our new achievment in eduroam WiFi global roaming service area.

Back in 2019 our team has introduced and later implemented the "Identity Infrastructure Boost Concept for eduroam Service", which alows authenticating eduroam users via their organization's email (IMAP) server. That way the existing email username/password within a particular organization was used as an identity source for eduroam authentication.

But during last period it became hard to use the abovementioned concept to access eduroam specifically with Gmail addresses, due to Google's email security restrictions.

As a solution our team has recently finished to work out a new more efficient mechanism using Google Secure LDAP access. It again allows Gmail addresses to be used as  an identity source for eduroam authentication and works much more quickly and efficiently.

This new solution for eduroam access for Gmail-based organization is already working for several ASNET-AM member institutions, like
International Scientific-Educational Center of NAS RA and Armenian State Pedagogical University after Kh. Abovyan

As a result both the staff and the students of such organizations can connect to eduroam WiFi access worldwide using their email credentials.

We hope more ASNET-AM members to adopt eduroam WiFi service in near future.
ASNET-AM team is ready to provide any related assistance to all interested organizations in Armenia.