Academic Scientific Research Computer Network of Armenia
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IP connectivity and Routing

ASNET-AM currently uses the following principles for IP connectivity and Routing:

Being a Local Internet Registry (LIR, RIPE NCC Member), ASNET-AM has several subnets of both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, as well as AS number.

Members are provided with both public and private IP addresses depending on their needs and requirements. IP ranges provided are from /30 to /24.

Public IP addresses have direct Internet connection.

Private IP addresses use internal services and connect to the outside via proxy servers or specific NAT rules.

In case of leased connectivity via 3rd-party telecom providers tunneling is being implemented (e.g. EoIP)

Some IP addresses are provided with special access to closed resources (like Scientific Publications Access)

OSPF protocol is used for internal routing

BGP protocol is used for external connections (see External Links & Peerings)


Service contact person: Eugene Prokhorenko


Tel. (010) 526742-2, 178.